Portrait of Owls – 19th Century Lithogragh G.J Broinowski (1837-1913)


A 19th Century portrait of Owls by GJ Broinowski (1837-1913). A beautiful lithogragh framed behind art acrylic in a striking hardwood frame with brass corner mounts.

Measures including frame: 58cm high, 48cm wide.

Excellent condition & ready to hang.

Gracius Joseph Broinowski (1837-1913) was an Australian artist of Polish heritage, who as a young man set sail on an English ship to Australia in search of a new life and adventure. The journey took a hellish six months, during which Joseph was persecuted & tormented by the ships crew for being foreign. He was denied a sleeping hammock and instead designated a whaleboat hanging from the ship as his bed. Following his arduous journey to Australia, he commenced travelling around the country painting the floral, fauna & landscape of his new land.

Eventually settling in Sydney in the 1880’s, where he taught painting both privately and at colleges, as well as lecturing & exhibiting his works with the Royal Art Society. He was commissioned by the Government to produce lithographs of the Birds & Mammels of Australia, which were to be put up in public school classrooms across the country; although only half the agreed order was purchased by the Government, leaving Broinowski¬† to struggle financially to re-coup his costs.

From 1890-1910 Joseph Broinowski compiled his art works and attempted to publish his Birds Of Australia book series; there were ongoing copyright issues relating to the similar Goulds Birds of Australia, and his project was never fully completed or published. Although the similarities of title & text with Goulds work are undisputed, the art & drawings were of Broinowski’s own hand.

“…to portray from life the many hundreds of birds scattered over the length and breadth of Australia, demands not only the labour of years but entails the hardships and difficulties of which the lay mind can form no conception.”

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Dimensions 60 × 5 × 50 cm

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