19th Century Fern Book Plates – Set of Two (S4)


Original antique Chromolithograph c1850 Fern book plates, a set of two; exquisitely detailed with their Latin names beneath each Fern.

Professionally framed behind low reflective glass, with fabric textured mat & black wood grain tapered frames.

Measures including frame: 25cm wide, 34.5cm high

*Chromolithograph printing was developed in the late 1700’s; a time consuming & detailed printing process used to print multiple colours onto a flat surface. The process used individual stones or metal plates (usually limestone or zinc) to make an impression which was then printed onto the paper, each colour using a different stone/plate, a process that was far superior and detailed to the later printing processes. By the 1930’s Chromolithography was replaced by the more time & cost efficient process of off set printing.*

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 40 cm

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