Country Scene with Green Trees


This beautiful soft landscape is by the Australian artist Dorothy Allen Edwards; painted in the early 20th Century, Dorothy was a student of Max Meldrum (1875-1955). Meldrum was known as one of the most important and influential teachers of Australian painting in the first half of the 20th Century and had many students and followers including Roy de Maistre & Lloyd Rees. An exhibition titled ‘Misty Moderns’ which surveyed the paintings of Max Meldrum and his tonalist followers was held at the Art Gallery of South Australia in 2008.

There are subtle influences of Meldrums teachings in this wonderful painting by Dorothy Allen Edwards, a relic of the Meldrum followers and their place in Australian art history.

*The true basis of painting, according to Meldrum, lies in the correct representation of tone: that is, the relationship of lights and darks in a subject.* (*The Australian.)

Oil on Board, in its original dark oak wooden frame, information verso.

51cm wide, 43.4cm high.


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Dimensions 60 × 10 × 55 cm

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